Episode #1 – Boston Blackie, The Jello Program with Jack Benny & X Minus One

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This is the premiere episode of Retro Radio Revue. This week we are tuning into programs that had an original air date between January 29 through February 4. We’ll hear episodes from Boston Blackie, The Jello Program with Jack Benny and X Minus One.

This week’s episodes:

Boston Blackie

January 29, 1946 (Program #42). Ziv syndication

Runtime: 27:30

Inspector Faraday is accused of beating the witness at the murder trial of the killer of Mrs. Williams.

Starring: Richard Kollmar, Lesley Woods, Maurice Tarplin, Henry Sylvern (organist), Jeanne Harrison (director).


The Jell-O Program with Jack Benny

January 31, 1937. Red net, KFI, Los Angeles aircheck. Sponsored by: Jell-O.

Runtime: 29:55

Mary reads a letter from her mother. Kenny sings, “Let’s Grow Old Together.” Phil’s “sister” visits. Jack announces that next week, he will play “The Bee,” and he dreams about Fred Allen! The Radio Writer’s poll has voted Jack “America’s Favorite Comedian.” Fred Allen is imitated on this program by “Lind” Hayes.

Starring: Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Mary Livingstone, Kenny Baker, Phil Harris and His Orchestra, Peter Lind Hayes, Harry Baldwin (doubles), Ed Beloin (writer, performer), Blanche Stewart, Bill Morrow (writer).


X Minus One

January 30, 1957. NBC net. Sustaining.

Runtime: 22:32

An Earthman is rescued after spending twenty-two years alone on a distant planet.

Starring: Ted Osborne, Bill Lipton, Mason Adams, Raymond Edward Johnson, James H. Schmitz (author), Ernest Kinoy (adaptor), Betty Caine, William Welch (producer), Daniel Sutter (director), Fred Collins (announcer).