Episode #3 – Duffy’s Tavern, Quiet Please & Our Miss Brooks

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This is the Episode 3 of Retro Radio Revue. This week we are featuring programs that had an original air date between February 12 through February 18. We’ll hear episodes from Duffy’s Tavern, Quiet Please and Our Miss Brooks.

This week’s episodes:

Duffy’s Tavern

February 16, 1949 – Mystery Valentine. NBC Network.

Runtime: 27:12

An old friend visits Archie at the Tavern.

Starring: Ed Gardner, Eddie Green, Charlie Cantor, Florence Halop (as “Miss Duffy”), John Morris (producer, director), Matty Malneck and His Orchestra, Ken Christy, Alan Reed.



Quiet, Please

February 13, 1949 – Valentine. ABC net. Sustaining

Runtime: 29:05

An Illinois romance almost founders, due to lack of a Valentine.

Albert Buhrman (organist), Anne Seymour, Ernest Chappell (“the man who spoke to you”), Jack Arthur, Leora Thatcher, Wyllis Cooper (host, writer, director).


Our Miss Brooks

February 19, 1950. CBS net. Sponsored by: Colgate toothpaste, Lustre-Creme shampoo, Palmolive soap.

Miss Brooks tries to get Mr. Boynton to take her out to dinner…even if she has to pay for it herself.

Starring Eve Arden, Bob Lemond (announcer), Jane Morgan, Richard Crenna, Verne Smith (commercial spokesman), Jeff Chandler, Gloria McMillan, Gale Gordon, Leonard Smith, Larry Berns (producer), Al Lewis (director), Wilbur Hatch (music).