Episode #4 – Gangbusters and Philco Radio Hall of Fame

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This is Episode 4 of Retro Radio Revue. This week our featured programs had an original air date between February 19 and February 25. We’ll hear episodes from Gangbusters and the Philco Radio Hall of Fame.

This week’s episodes:


February 21, 1948 (Program #517 -“The Case Of Grzelak and Constantine” aka “The Case Of The Safe-Cracking Combine”). ABC network.

Runtime: 28:47

A tough gang leader finds he cannot handle a “washed-out blonde.” He can handle a $20,000 safe robbery in Detroit.

Starring: Arthur Vinton, Elspeth Eric, Stanley Niss (writer), William Sweets (director), Walter Vaughn, Don Gardiner (announcer), Phillips H. Lord (producer).

Philco Radio Hall of Fame

February 25, 1945. Blue Network. Sponsored by: Philco.

Runtime: 59:52

The program originates from The Earl Carroll Theatre Restaurant, Hollywood. Secretary of The Navy Forrestal speaks from the South Pacific about raising the flag on Iwo Jima. The first tune is, “There Goes That Song Again.” Ed Gardner does a “Duffy’s Tavern” routine.

Starring: Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, Frances Langford (m.c.), Ed Gardner, The Hoosier Hot Shots, Johnny Mercer, Alan Reed, Nigel Bruce, James Forrestal, Jimmy Wallington (announcer).